Purple & Pink Hard Cider - 9%

Purple & Pink Hard Cider - 9%

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Who is this pink lady, and why did someone name an apple after her? We could probably Google that, but why spoil a good mystery. What we’re sure of is that she must have been pretty darn sweet because the sugar content of these apples yields an impressive 9% ABV when our yeast are through with them. For that reason, this mysterious Pink Lady will always hold a soft spot in our hearts and a deep desire from our high ABV palettes.  

We fermented this cider until it was bone dry, and added a heft of hops and blackberries for a tart finish and a purple haze [insert guitar solo here].


Pink Lady - Woodinville, WA


Citra & Mosacic - Willamette Valley, OR


Willamette Valley, OR